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Landscape Stone Jamison PA


3/4 to 5 inch River Jacks

Red Tipple

Red Clean Stone

Pea Gravel 3/8 to 5 inch

3/4 Modified Stone

Stepping Stones

Jamison PA Landscape Stone


No matter the type of masonry job, Jeffrey Sparks Landscape Stone has the inventory to complete the project. We have various kinds and cuts of stone that can be used for everything from driveways to fireplaces. If you're looking to build or rebuild with stone, then give Jeffrey Sparks Landscape Stone a call today!


Landscape Stone Jamison PA- Types of Landscape Stone


  • Gravel and masonry stone
  • Driveway gravel
  • Landscape Stone for Patios
  • Landscape Stone for Walkways
  • Landscape Stone for Retaining walls
  • Landscape Stone for Pool Decks
  • Crushed rock- Available in Many Sizes and Colors!
  • Boulders for landscaping
  • Flag stone
  • Sand stone
  • Building stone
  • Crushed and Decorative


Why Choose Jeffrey Sparks for Landscape Stone in Jamison PA?

  • We have been serving the local area for over 35 Years!
  • We have the largest selection of landscape stone for pickup or delivery
  • We have dispatched drivers who can get the right type of stone to your project FAST!
  • We have the most affordable rates in the area!
  • We serve thousands of homes and businesses locally every day!
  • We have professional, experienced staff to guide you through the decision making process!


How to Choose the right Landscape Stone in Jamison PA

Choosing the right landscape stone for your project can be a confusing process.  There are many styles, sizes and colors to choose from when making a decision. At Jeffrey Sparks Topsoil, we dedicate our business to helping our residential and commercial customers.  We offer guidance to our customers to ensure they are making the right decision for the property to which they are making improvements.  Due to our extensive experience, and access to  large inventory of landscape stone. We serve the same customers time and time again.  Once you do business with Jeffrey Sparks for your landscape stone delivery needs, there is no reason to go elsewhere.  We have the largest inventory of landscape stone in and we have the BEST prices in the area!

We Have the Landscape Stones You Need!

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We have the right landscape stone in Jamison PA for your next project!


Landscape Stone for the homeowner and landscaper. Get all of your gravel and masonry stone from our stocked lot!


The experienced staff at Jeffrey Sparks Landscape stone can help you pick out the best kind of stone for your next project. You can pick it up or have it delivered straight to you.


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